FZLED Releases Compact Ultra-Bright LED Bike Torch FZL-1320

360 Degree Rotated Bracket for Desired Direction

Nov 24, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan – FZtech Inc. is pleased to announce the upgraded LED Bike Torch FZL-1320. The powerful 3W LED light emits 220 lumen, is designed to be a brighter replacement for bike lighting, using lower wattage compared with the traditional product (10W). It’s suitable for use in mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and home maintenance.

The FZL-1320 LED Bike Torch is designed to fit for a wide range of bikes (handle bar size 25-30 mm in diameter), allowing the user to easily adjust the length of the bracket strip to fit bike size. It removes the size limitation when mounting the torch. Moreover, the adjustable bracket can be easily rotated as 360 degree to achieve the desired direction for lighting, and the user can simply remove the torch from the bracket for any other purposes.


The LED Bike torch is made with high quality aluminum alloy, is lightweight, portable and durable. Measuring 100 mm long and with a diameter of 27 mm, it runs on 3 pieces of AAA battery consuming up to 3Watts power.

The FZL-1320 comes with three functions – power on/off, 100%, 50% and flash. The LED lifespan is more than 50,000 hours. With an estimated run time of up to 10 hours when using fresh batteries, it is able to produce long distance illumination of up to 100m. The torch is with waterproof IP64 and shock proof. Operating temperature for LED is 0 C to 35 C.

The LED Bike torch uses lower power consumption to produce bright white light. Emitting no heat, UV or IR light radiation, the FZL-1320 LED torch is extraordinary in providing glare free and energy-saving lights compared to traditional torches.

The FZL-1320 LED torch is now available in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. FZLED welcome enquiries from distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.


• Biking
• Mountain climbing
• Hiking
• Camping
• Home maintenance

• No heat, No UV, or IR light radiation
• Uses high power LED (CREE)
• Long lifetime up to 50000 hours
• Power consumption up to 3 W for FZL-1320
• Lead-free, Mercury-free
• Adjustable bracket for 360 degree rotation
• Bicycle bracket included
• Waterproof/ shock proof
• High quality Aluminum alloy made with anodized finish
• Long distance of illumination up to 100 m

Specifications of the FZL-1320 LED Bike Torch
• LED: 3Watt
• Lumen: 220 lm
• Input power: 3 x AAA batteries ( up to 10 hrs estimated run time when using fresh batteries)
• Water resistant: IP64
• Operating temperature (for LED): -0 to +35C
• Net weight (included bracket): 0.150(±10%) kgs
• Dimension: – Ø27X 100(L) mm
• Fits handle bar size 25-30mm in diameter 

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