FZLED Aqua Light Donut Series with Flexible Arm

Decorates Aquarium with Easy and Fun


April 17, 2014, New Taipei, Taiwan – FZLED, maker of high-performance LED lighting product, is pleased to introduce the new collection LED Aquarium light - Donut Series FZL-6100. The 5 watts LED aqua light has three light options in different colors: Nature light, Marine Day, and Tropic light. With lovely shape design, the compact aqua light is suitable as a main tank light for smaller aquarium, allowing people decorate their aquarium with easy and fun.  

FZL-6100 comes in three light options for different modes: Nature light (Green color) is for all ornamental fish, Marine Day (Brown color) is perfectly used for marine fish, marine invertebrates and African Cichlids. Tropic light (Yellow color) is suitable for plants shrimp and tropical fish. 


FZLED Aqua light is energy-efficient and uses lower power consumption to produce bright white light. Emitting no heat, UV or IR light radiation, FZLED is extraordinary provide glare free and energy-saving lights. The LED lifespan is more than 30,000 hours. The installation is quick and easy, and its flexible arm allows the light intensity and angle to be changed easily. 


The FZL-6100 is available soon in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. FZLED welcome enquiries from distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in order to bring it worldwide.




Energy Saving

No heat, No UV, or IR light radiation

Compact design with lovely shape

Suitable as a main tank light for smaller aquarium

Quick and easy installation

Flexible Arm allows light intensity and adjustable angle

CE, CNS, EMI, EMC approved



• Indoor Lighting

• Atmospheric Lighting

• Immediate Lighting 

• Mood Lighting

• Aqua Lighting


Specifications of FZL-6100

• Power Consumption: 5 watts

• LED lifespan >30000 hours

• Input Power: 12V AC/DC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

• Net. Weight: 173 g

• Product URL: http://www.fzled.com.tw/products.php?KindID=9&ID=125




FZLED is a Taiwan-based manufacturer and innovative designer of high-performance LED lighting products. As a sub-division of FZtech Inc., FZLED's products have superior mechanical and thermal designs, utilizing the expertise of FZtech. Committed to excellence, FZLED follows a strict TQC for the entire manufacturing process, and conducts R&D projects continuously in an effort to create LED lighting solutions that offer light-weight, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, innovative, and thermally-optimized products to consumers. For more information visit FZLED online at www.fzled.com.tw.



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